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Our son got married in May, wasn't sure what we needed to rent for this special occasion. But I stopped by Nor-Val Events to see what they had to offer, and the ladies were able to help us with fresh ideas, supplies, and a floor plan for the hall to help set-up the tables.  I think the life saver was the small trailer that they dropped off in the parking lot, they handed over the keys so you can unload the supplies you rented from them and put it back in at the end of the night, and they pick it up the next day. I can't say enough about the service I received, and I recommend them to others.  They really go out of their way to make everything go smoothly.

Thank you, Nor-Val Events

B. Mann


We were amazed at the convenience renting provided - that alone was worth every penny! Not sure when we'll have another occasion, but knowing the simplicity and the service, we'll have no hesitation in renting from Nor-Val again. It made our anniversary celebration a quality event, and I can see it fitting into our lives in the future.

Thank-you again,



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